Nowadays, technology plays an important role in our life. Thus, no one can do without its benefits as a vector of information and communication. Turbo System S.A., an information system engineering company, facilitates access to IT services in public and private institutions. In order to help users exchange information with each other, the company plans to set up a user’s group. It was Wednesday, February 17, 2016 that Raynold Estima, Marketing Manager of  Turbo System S.A, gave this information to the newspaper Le National.

L.N. : In a detailed way, could you tell us about this company (TURBO SYSTEM)?

RE: TURBO SYSTEM S.A. is a firm specialized in information systems engineering established in Haiti since 1989. We strive to surpass the expectations of our customers by going beyond software to provide solutions that transform data into Knowledge and improve their organizational performance. Our job is to give them peace of mind and to minimize the risks associated with the misuse of computers. Our quality management system complies with the ISO 9001 standard and covers the design, implementation, marketing and maintenance of management software packages as well as technical support and training. We are also a proud partner of ORACLE, the world leader in databases, whose database management system is used for the majority of our products.

L.N. : What is the work of Turbo System? What types of services does it offer?

R.E.: TURBO SYSTEM S.A. is specialized in the systematization, evaluation and development of information systems. We also offer digital services to meet the outsourcing needs of expertise and IT projects of different institutions. We provide our customers with robust and reliable software packages that meet national requirements and comply with international standards. In addition, the company offers training seminars on the latest technological development tools. We intervene in various fields: analysis, design, development and implementation of database and information system on the ORACLE platform; Systems integration; Evaluation of computer systems; Study, collection, processing and analysis of data, among others.

L.N. : What about your latest product offered to customers?

R.E.: We have a wide range of products to satisfy the most complex needs. Our clients evolve in the government, non-governmental, financial, industrial, commercial and educational sectors.

Our latest product, Talent Management Suite (TMS), in use in these different sectors, meets a range of needs in terms of optimization of personnel management. It includes human resources management, Payroll, Talent; Working time and the employee portal. With the evolution of human resources management, this field is no longer considered a cost but rather an asset and the software allows companies to take advantage of the advances made in this direction.

The software allows the optimization and automation of various operations related to human resources such as: work, hiring or promotion letters generation, automatic generation of lateness and absences, the management of the recruitment process from job offer to hiring, employee evaluation, talent management and many more.

The payment management module offers the ability to manage the payroll in multiple currencies, automate various employee and employer contributions such as cafeteria, loans and uniform management. TMS also manages the retirement savings plan, bonuses and allows the management of the various allowances in kind and in cash to which the employees of the institution can benefit.

L.N. :
L.N. : After 28 years of existence, are you satisfied with your achievements in relation to the objectives pursued? If so, tell us what.

R.: We are very satisfied with our accomplishments. Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers, so we have invested a lot to keep customers who have been with us since our first years of existence. In addition to this loyalty, we have been able to participate in most of the major technological orientations of the country and we are proud of it. We continue to support the Haitian government in its e-governance efforts, and have established ourselves as a leader in the Haitian market. We have contributed through our products to the modernization of many national institutions in the various sectors mentioned above. We know that we still have many technological challenges to face, but we can look back on the progress we’ve made with the feeling of accomplishment.

L.N. : What have been the difficulties since then?

E: During our 28 years of existence, we have faced various difficulties of varying origins and sizes. Alongside the climate of political and economic instability in the country, we have had to struggle to ensure an international standard for every product we market. We need to manage change and adapt to the very rapid changes in the technologies we use. On the other hand, we have to accompany end users so that they take ownership of the systems we sell, because in the end they are the first we must satisfy.

To close, we want our customers to remain connected with us in order to be informed about the new products of Turbo System S.A.

Interview by

Therno N. A. Sénélus

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Several companies and public and private institutions have taken part in this activity, notably the Turbo System, an organization that has been present in Haiti for 28 years, and has taken the opportunity to promote its new Talent Management Suite (TMS) software. Save