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Title  Post Analyst Programmer
Function The main function of the programmer analyst is to create and optimize computer applications according to precise specifications that he has defined with the project manager. The developer can also adapt existing software on the market to the specific needs of the company. The programmer analyst manages the project from the analysis of the needs of future users to the writing of user guides through the technical development of programs. For the  development of the applications, the computer developer must also make the necessary tests and their follow-up to make the necessary corrections.
Required profile A level Bac + 4 or Bac + 5. The master in MIAGE (IT methods applied to the management of companies) is also very coveted. The developer must also have great individual rigor while being able to work in a team.
Technical skills
The programmer analyst has to master perfectly the computer languages ​​as well as their evolutions. He must also know a large number of development platforms as well as systems and networking. C++ languages, Java, PHP, SQL,, SQL, Oracle Database, MySQL, PL / SQL, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT ect …, software engineering, UML modeling …. For a good understanding of the technical terms specific to computer science, a good knowledge in English is very appreciated.
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The application must have a cover letter and a CV.
Another remark: Candidates will be evaluated as and when and the finalists will be contacted.