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TBMS is a multilingual integrated administrative and financial management software package that is capable of handling all the activities of a company, through a single and coherent information processing system. Turbo System conceived TBMS to fulfill the market requirements by respecting the constraints of the environment and the need for flexibility of branch offices and companies of all sizes (small, average and large).

Company management software package

The software package integrates all the modern functions of company management. A single database manages all of the system’s information, which guarantees its coherence and integrity while allowing total control of all the activities in real time. It is present where it is necessary: no waste of time, less errors, reliable and coherent data everywhere. It optimizes the information flow within the company: the data are accessible permanently and in any place, thus allowing faster and trustworthy decisions.

The modules can be deployed in a centralized or distributed mode. Therefore, the company best benefits from its resources and its know-how.

TBMS functions in client-server or web* architecture with as much power and ease of use. It is available with Oracle® Databases, in MS Windows®, Unix® or Linux® environments. In addition, the module features are independent of the technological platform used, which means that the customer can easily choose to change its operating environment.

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