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What do we do?

Main achievements of the last 10 years.
Provide IT services institutions with assistance and response to their requests.

Talent Management Suite

Talent Management Suite is a multi-lingual, multi-company, web application of Human Resources and Payroll Management that can be deployed on the internal network of the institution, on the Internet or on the CLOUD…

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Turbo Business Management Solutions

It is an integrated and multilingual administrative and financial management software package capable of covering all the activities of an institution, through a single and coherent computer system. Turbo System …

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BIC is a WEB application that collects credit information from all active financial institutions. The application processes and records the information provided by the financial institutions so that if a person (physical or moral) has…

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Loan manager

Loan Manager is an effective and efficient management tool for lines of credit or loans. It allows financial institutions to: Monitor the progress of the loan from disbursement to total liquidation Determine its status…

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Software to manage the collection and payment of transfers of money and goods by guaranteeing optimal security of transactions. It is a WEB application used in several states of the United States of America and the…

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The Cash and Current Account Management System maintains a bank’s checking accounts and bank accounts for the payment of checks. In addition, it allows multi-currency management of current accounts…

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SYSGAF is an academic management software package integrated into the modules of the Turbo Business Management Solutions (TBMS) software package. The Academic Management module allows meeting a range…

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This system allows certain basic services to be offered online to vehicle owners by allowing them to: Carry out the renewal of their vehicle insurance online, Solicit VIP service, Launch an expertise request, Initiate changes in vehicle use …

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The system has an array of control elements to ensure the consistency of the information entered. The calculation of the tax is made on the basis of the information in the declaration form according to the scale in force…

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The Public Expenditure Management System (SYSDEP) automates the public expenditure management of the Haitian State. It allows to run the operating expenses as well as the investment expenses…

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The General Ledger for Public Accountants (GLCP) is an accounting software specially designed for the General Directorate of the Treasury and Public Accounting (DGTCP). It allows accounting entries from other applications to be taken…

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Turbo School

TURBO SCHOOL is flexible use and can provide good governance at a school. TURBO SCHOOL facilitates the management of major school activities, the enrolment of students to publication of results via the data…

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